Lí Ban (Paula Tracey Wilson): Sister to Queen Fand, Princes Lí Ban was once a faery and lived with her sister on the faery island of Lough Neagh. She loved the sea more than anything, and her happiest times were spent playing in the ocean with all of her undersea friends. She wished – she wished –– she wished she were a fish! And one day, her wish was magically granted, and she became a mermaid! Now Princess Lí Ban can be a faery or a mermaid whenever she chooses. For more info on Lí Ban, go to Lí Ban.

Noll the Troll (Ronnie Sperling): A funny hill dweller, which is why Trolls are called Hillpeople or Hillfolk. He lives in an abandoned dusky–footed woodrat’s home in the hill near Heavenly Pond. Although he is quite shy, he is fond of applause, and you can usually lure him out of hiding with a round of applause and laughter. Once he is charmed by the faery song, he proves to be a wonderful ally to the faeries.

Isfandiar, the Simurg (Chris Halsted and Brian Allman): The Simurg is a jewel–like gentle creature whose feathers have powers of healing. He once was a Scottish knight who was magically transformed him into this benevolent half–man, half–bird. Embarassed about of his birdie appearance, the knight hides himself by the Majestic Redwood in the other part of the forest. You can hear his beautiful birdie song at sunset. For more information go to Isfandiar.

Fauni (Lindsey Stakoe-Neumann): A Guardian of the forests, gardens, fields, and Faeryland. She is a wood spirit and an Earth elemental. Fauni loves to dance. She will encourage plants and flowers to grow by dancing joyously around the new growth. When she whispers in your ear, you will get an uncontrollable tickle to dance too and often will. Whenever she is near, she offers you the protection of grounding, and helps you to trust your instincts and to find your hidden beauty and treasures from within.

Posey (Paula Tracey Wilson): Cousin to Queen Fand and Princes Lí Ban. She is a flower faery. She lives in the meadows on the island of Lough Neagh. It was her great great great great great grandmother Ilene, who was the first faery princess to find the Lia Fail and keep it safe within her hand. She loves to laugh and be silly. Her favorite color is pink. And her favorite thing to do is leave a pink posy on your pillow after a sweet night’s sleep.

Queen Ainé (Paula Davis Wynant): She is an Irish fairy queen, and a member of the Tuatha dé Danann. The fairies from the Tuatha dé Danann are known for their power, beauty, intelligence, and grace. She can become visible or invisible and shapeshift at will. Queen Ainé is famous for her kindness and concern for human children. With her magical faery light, which she wears in a beautiful necklace, she guides the human children from their sleeping and dreaming state to the world of awake. Since she had lived for many years by the banks of Lough Gur in Ireland, she is quite comfortable now living in the gentle radiance of Heavenly Pond. For more info on the Tuatha de Danaan go to Tuatha de Danaan.

Princess Penelope (Kate Huffman): A faery of the Twyleth Teg a Faery Family of Wales. Her people are known for their love of the earth, particularly mountainous islands, and her ancestors were responsible for the construction of the ancient stone megaliths of Ireland and Wales. Penelope herself has been entrusted to keep and protect the Lia Fail, the Stone of Destiny, which cries out in the presence of a wrongful ruler, but gives a roar of joy when a righteous leader is nearby. More on the Lia Fail? Click here Lia Fail.

Pirate Captain Scrappy (Brian Allman): A gentle and silly friend, Captain Ikamore Scrappy the III comes from a long line of pirate folk. Being born and spending most of his life on the seven seas, it is a real treat for us when he comes ashore to Faeryland! A great friend, he helps Princess LiBan on her search for her mermaid tail. With the help of his map of hidden treasures, Captain Scrappy always proves to be full of surprises and lots of laughs.

Stardust (Cathy Kutz): A faery of the night sky. Stardust is the faery who gathers the faery dust from the stars to give to all the other faeries in Tir Na Nog. She will also sprinkle faery over everyone as she glides through the night sky. Faery dust helps you open up your eyes so you can see all the beauty that’s right in front of you.

Mellerina (Stephanie Thiessen): An air fairy, Mellerina loves to sing and dance, and when in her presence, she will weave a delightful spell as she encourages you to join her as she sings faery songs and dances as light as air. As you twirl with her, you heart will take flight as she lifts your spirits as high as the clouds.

Cordelia (Monica Ricketts): A Celtic Fairy Goddess, Cordelia heralds in the flowers of spring and summer. With her beautiful singing voice she coaxes the seedlings into their first bloom. Cordelia’s favorite holiday is Beltane, celebrated on May 1, a holiday devoted to welcoming in the summer season. Cordelia encourages everyone to go outside and get some fresh air! If you feel stressed or trapped indoors, you can escape by closing your eyes and thinking about the beautiful Cordelia, standing in a field of fragrant flowers singing to her seedling friends in the warmth of the springtime sun. She will revitalize you, renew your spirit and fill your heart with joy, laughter and playfulness.

Daphne the Seer

Daphne the Seer (Paula Davis Wynant): As a seer, Daphne is a fun loving faery character who who can see the future before it happens. Sort of like a weatherman only right. Daphne is the fairy whom all the other faeries in the Tuatha de Danann go to for advice. She has a magical deck of unicorn cards that help her see the truth! Call on Daphne whenever you need a question answered. Close your eyes somewhere in nature, especially against a tree, and Daphne will help you find what you’re looking for.

Henny Hawthorn

Henny Hawthorne (Paula Davis Wynant): A cousin of Auntie Angelica, Henny Hawthorne is a mortal who has made the study of faeries her life’s work. She is very knowledgeable about anything faery and can tell stories and answer all kinds of questions about Faeryland. She will sing songs about Faeryland and teach some of them to the children.

Faelinn (Kaelan White): A water faery princess of the Sidhe and now a guest in the court of Queen Ainé, Faery Faelinn and Princess Lí Ban are cousins and both love the water. You can find Faelinn in a tear that runs down the cheek from your eye, tears of joy and tears of sadness. If it is tears of sadness, she will help cheer you up. And if it is tears of joy, she will join you in your happiness.

Auntie Angelica Root (Debbie Rothstein): A gentle Mother Goose-type character, Auntie Angelica is loving, colorful, fun character. Auntie speaks mostly in rhyme. And in the center of her beautiful garden is a fairy ring, which leads to Fairyland.

Fairy Godmother Careen (Debbie Rothstein): She is protector and defender of all children, human and faery alike. On a typical day in Faeryland, Fairy Godmother Careen will always make time to play with the other faeries, braid Mermaid LiBan’s hair for her, fly to the moon, and of course, take Unice the Unicorn for her morning ride through all of Fairyland. Oh, yes, and kiss a frog.

Images by Josh Valcarcel, Ray Samuel, John Michael Ferrari, David Hofman, Catherine Cervantes, Juli Alioto, Tonya Harvey, Cecilia Albertini and Lisa Ramsay Wilson

©2004 Debbie Rothstein. All rights reserved. The shows and characters cannot be reproduced or used in any way without permission.

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