A Faery Hunt shows are all original musicals written and composed by Debbie Rothstein. They range from 1 – 8 characters. Shows can be hired out privately. Study Guides are available on request.

“The Missing Faery Light” Synopsis:

This show can be performed on a stage or as a walking show through a botanic garden or other outdoor space. After jumping into Fairyland and meeting up with the faeries, the audience learns that the Faery Queen’s enchanted necklace is missing! Who could have taken it? All the faery folke immediately think it’s Gerome the Gnome – whenever anything goes wrong they always blame the Gnome. But after a series of events – a duel with a Simurg – a half-man half bird – and a lot of fun, the audience helps the faery folk bring the faery light back to the Faery Queen. This show is scattered with songs.

“The King of the Faeries” Synopsis:

There is an ancient tale that when human children come to Fairyland, the King of the Faeries will soon be found. And the princess’s true love. Who could be the King of the Faeries? Is it Noll the funny Troll? Could it be his funny companion, Gerome the Gnome? Only the Lia Fail – the singing Stone of Destiny — will reveal who is the true King of Faeryland. This show is a magical musical adventure. With the help of her faery court, the children embark on an exciting quest to help the faeries find their rightful King of Fairyland. In this way, the children actually become part of the story and take part in this musical adventure.

“A Mermaid’s Tail” Synopsis:

Auntie Angelica takes the audience on a gentle adventure to help Mermaid LiBan back to the ocean to find her tail! With the help of the audience, the faeries and Pirate Scrappy’s map of hidden treasures, we go on a musical adventure filled with a treasure hunt, fun, laughs and surprises.

“The Fairies Songbook” Synopsis:

The fairies share with you their songs of enchantment in a celebration for the return of the Fairy Queen in this musical revue. This show features some of our favorite songs from other shows, plus some new ones that will surely to bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart.

“Auntie Angelica’s Fairy Garden” Synopsis:

A wacky and gentle original musical, Auntie Angelica’s Fairy Garden is best for ages 2-8. The audience goes to Fairyland through Auntie Angelica’s magical garden. This show is filled with wall-to-wall original music and silly fun. In a gentle and fun ways, the audience actually becomes part of the story. Auntie Angelica’s Fairy Garden features adorable faeries, the king of Fairyland, and a lovable funny gnome. This show also features a magical unicorn and enchanted puppets from Fairyland. Every character has a puppet.

“The Magical Fairy Adventure” Synopsis:

Come and join the fairies as they take you on a musical revue in this 2-person fairy show. A Faery Hunt will help you find the magic of imagination in this fun and gentle musical adventure that will surely delight and enchant the young and the young at heart. This show features 2 beautiful fairies and some of A Faery Hunt’s favorite original songs from its award-winning shows, plus some new ones that will surely bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart.

“The Fairy and the Pirate” Synopsis:

Join Fairy Penelope as she takes us to Fairyland, only to find Pirate Captain Scrappy there eager to join in the fairy fun. This funny 2-person musical show with surely delight the young and the young at heart. This show features a beautiful fairy, a pirate with music, magic and dancing with will brighten up and uplift your spirits in every possible way.

“A Fairy’s Adventure” Synopsis:

Fairy Autumn takes us on a enchanting fairy experience in this one-woman show filled with stories of Fairyland, songs, dancing and magic. This show is a wonderful to entertain children of all ages as she takes you on a fantastic fairy adventure.

“Sheriff Pickett’s Stories of the West” Synopsis:

Parent’s asked; A Faery Hunt listened! A Faery Hunt brings you a Cowboy Show. That’s right, Partner. You heard right. Jumping out of Faeryland and onto the Fern Dell Ranch, A Faery Hunt is taking families on a rootin’-tootin’ interactive musical adventure as Deputies of Storytelling. Meet guitar-playing Sheriff Wilson Pickett, his quirky cook and Baron Landscape, along with amazing Cowgirl Jane as they roam the ranch portrayed in clearings in the beautiful Griffith Park forest. Sheriff Pickett’s Stories of the West show is filled with the same good messages A Faery Hunt’s audiences are used to along with encouragement on being environmentally aware and good old-fashion interactive fun. Every child receives their deputy badge at the end of the show.

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